Is grey a good colour for a bathroom?

Grey is a great colour for a bathroom as it is a neutral colour, meaning it will coordinate well with a variety of fixtures and finishes. However, you may want to consider incorporating other accent colours as well to give the space an updated look.

Q: Is grey bathroom outdated?
A: No, grey bathrooms are not outdated. In fact, grey continues to be very popular in modern bathroom designs. Using shades of grey can create a contemporary and sophisticated look that is timeless.

Q: Is it better to hand paint or spray cabinets?
A: It depends on what type of finish you are trying to achieve. If you are looking for a very smooth finish, it is better to spray the cabinets. If you are looking for a more rustic or antique look, hand painting may be the better option.

Q: Is it better to have a single or double vanity?
A: This depends on the size of the bathroom and how much space you have available. A single vanity is perfect for smaller bathrooms where space is limited. A double vanity is a great choice for larger bathrooms or those that require more storage space.

Q: Is it better to use small or large tiles in a small bathroom?
A: For small bathrooms, it is better to use small tiles. Using small tiles will help create the illusion of a larger space. Also, small tiles are easier to install, meaning it can save time and money.

Q: Is it cheaper to buy cabinets or have them built?
A: It depends on the type of cabinet you are looking for. Generally, pre-made cabinets are cheaper and easier to install than custom cabinets, which can be more expensive and take more to time to build.

Q: Is it cheaper to buy or paint cabinets?
A: It is usually cheaper to buy pre-made cabinets than to buy and paint cabinets. However, if you are looking for a more custom look, painting the cabinets may be a more affordable option.

Q: Is it cheaper to replace cabinets or paint them?
A: Generally, it is cheaper to paint cabinets than to replace them. Refinishing cabinets is typically more affordable than buying new ones, especially if you are able to do the work yourself.

Q: Is it easy to replace bathroom cabinets?
A: Replacing bathroom cabinets is not difficult, but it does take some knowledge and skill. You need to be comfortable working with tools and be able to follow directions accurately. If you are not confident in your abilities, it may be better to hire a professional to complete the job.

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